Take better profile photos: tips for online success

Research done about profile picture have found out that in 40 milliseconds, we’re able to draw conclusions about people based on a photo. That’s less than one-half of one-tenth of a second. Making a good first impression is incredibly important, because in the online dating, there is no a second chance at a first impression. Having a great profile photo may impress many potential partners.

Below we have outlined a few interesting tips about uploading a better profile picture. Working on these can greatly play a major role to scoring your first points and improve your overall appeal and outlook on life.

Use a recent photo of yourself

This may seem like a Deja vu, but we all know friends whose profile photos are clearly not shots of them or are childhood photos. Sure, you are still very much attached to these photos, they remind you of a great childhood or your beloved pets but it’s not you, and your photo should be you.

There are practical reasons for using a current photo of yourself, too; like when potential partners meet you face to face.

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Find someone to photograph you

It may take a little more effort, but you’re likely to get the best results if someone else photographs you. When you’re interacting with another person, your expression is likely to look more natural and engaging.

If you do end up going the selfie route, try to get the focus and composition right and working through a series of expressions to achieve a natural look. Start with no smile, then a little bit of a smile, then a bigger smile. Once you get that perfect you position, take several of those and select the best one to publish.

Keep the focus on 

A profile photo should communicate who you are, and the best way to keep the focus on and keep the composition simple, crop the picture if necessary. Avoid busy backgrounds and heavy makeups and jewelry, keep everything to a minimum and make sure your eyes are in focus. Even if you choose an interesting background, you don’t want it to be more interesting than you.

Don’t show too much- Leave some to imagination

One of the most frequent mistakes made with profile photos is over posing. You see a lot of people using different facial expressions because they think it’s attractive. But they often miss their mark. Make sure that whatever image you’re putting out, you’re ready for your potential life partner to see

Find flattering light

If you’re shooting outside, avoid direct sunlight. Inside, avoid overhead light. Both can create harsh shadows. When you get shadows under the eyes and nose, it’s not very flattering. It tends to make people’s eyes look too deep. In a good picture of someone, the eyes are very important. It’s a very expressive part of face, and if that gets lost because of shadows, it just doesn’t feel like that person. It’s important for your skin tone to look natural in a profile photo too, so whatever light source you use, make sure your camera’s white balance setting matches it.


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