6 ways to make your long distance relationship work for you

A long-distance relationship or LDR isn’t for everyone and there are many challenges you may face along the way, whether it’s down to cultural differences or the financial burden of travelling to see one another. You know that cliché about how absence makes the heart grow fonder. But you must have a true interest in each other; a deep, emotional connection; a physical attraction alone is not enough.  Depending  on the reason for the long distance and how you can bridge it,  whether you can meet up at weekends or every couple of weeks or months. It’s about being aware of what your expectations are and how realistic that can be. Here are some great ideas to make your DLR work for you:

♥Start slow, especially if you haven’t met yet

Don’t bare all too soon. When you meet long distance it can be easy to jump in the deep end and and move too fast in your new relationship. In the early stages of your relationship, the first couple of months at least, don’t rush into vulnerability, set a pattern of talking for hours every day, or make serious commitments.

♥Make a relationship plan for the future

Know where you are heading. Have a light at the end of the tunnel. Like what do you want to accomplish or have goals and a time frame for when you want to be together. It is very important that you both have a hope to live for. The most common reason why some relationships over distance don’t work is they don’t have a plan. They just hope it will turn out right eventually, and that a miracle is going to happen. It is also about what works for you both when it comes to making decision whether she moves to him, he moves to her or both move to another place. But Starting to talk about it as soon as you realize that you want to be together is an important step. But the biggest mistake you can make is to hush it up.

♥Plan your visit in advance and regularly

Try to see each other as often as possible. Plan this ahead, and include some activities like things of common interests. Make it a celebration, an explosion or something very special. Soon these meetings will be something you look forward to, something that you will align your life around. Remember, you can only get a real connection by touching, feeling and smelling a person. You don’t get scent with email or skype, or that initial connection you feel inside when you see your special someone. So do everything you can to meet as often as possible.

♥Use modern technologies to communicate

Whether you use Face Time, iChat, Google Chat, or Skype, being able to see each other while you talk about your annoying colleague or the hilarious thing your friend did at the bar adds another layer of communication that helps you stay close. You need all the help you can get, so why not use the glorious benefits of a modern communication world. Write at least one e-mail to each other per week, use video or instant messaging, take digital photographs or videos of your daily activities and send them via e-mail

♥Surprise your LDR every so often with something thoughtful

Keep the romance fresh. Everyone loves getting a present, a bunch of flowers, or a handwritten love letter in the mail is a great way to keep you both thinking of each other. Every so often, go the extra mile and do something extra and special to help your LDR feel loved and valued. By acting like your love is brand new, you keep the relationship strong, healthy and fulfilled

♥Give yourselves a free day

This one-sided communication without physical interaction can sometimes frustrate you very intensively. It is possible that this frustration then turns to conflicts between you as an outlet for it. This could lead to misunderstandings that are very difficult to resolve per e-mail or phone. Our recommendation is to insert a day or two without any communication. What happens then is that you miss each other very intensely, and you usually find yourselves at a much higher level than you were before. If the only way of interaction between you is canceled for a day or two, you will either progress or doubt. In any case, you will know where you stand. This is also a good way to test the strength of your relationship.


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